Product Description

The ECOM® System

The ECOM® System consists of a stand-alone electronic monitor, disposable ECOM® Endotracheal Tubes and accessories. The ECOM® Monitor is ideally placed on the multi-parameter patient monitor station or on a portable cart available as an accessory. The ECOM® Monitor is connected to the ECOM® ET Tube using the ECOM® TCG Tube Cable. There is also a connection between the ECOM® monitor and the operating room multi-parameter monitor using the ECOM® BPC Blood Pressure Cable.

Screen Shot 2 monitors

The ECOM® ET Tube is available as a single lumen in sizes 6.5mm - 8.5mm, and as a double lumen in 35Fr, 37Fr, and 39Fr (left configuration only). After the tube is inserted into the normal position in the patient’s trachea, and inflated to the appropriate pressure, the tube is connected to the distal end of the ECOM® ET cable via the one way blue connector.

DLT Tube Cuff Close Up