Endotracheal Cardiac
Output Monitoring

Hemodynamic Optimization
from an Endotracheal Tube.
It's our definition of "Easy".

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Welcome to ECOM® Medical

We are focused on bringing innovative approaches and technologies to the patient monitoring environment.
ECOM® (Endotracheal Cardiac Output Monitoring) is for use on intubated patients, and allows the clinician to manage the patient using information derived from a core monitoring location in close proximity to the ascending aorta. ECOM® is straightforward to operate and gives real-time information for patient hemodynamic optimization. The system is automatic and self-adjusting for positional changes allowing the clinician to focus on the patient instead of the device. ECOM® provides the cardiac output, stroke volume variation and systemic vascular resistance to be used as part of Goal Directed Therapy protocols.



Cardiac Monitoring Using an ET Tube.

  • Cardiac Output
  • Stroke Volume Variation
  • Systemic Vascular Resistance
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Goal Directed Therapy

Goal Directed Therapy Using an ET Tube.

  • Cardiac Index
  • Core Readings
  • Stroke Volume Variation
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ECOM® Benefits

  • Minimally Invasive
  • Accurate, Safe & Reliable
  • Continuous & Real Time
  • Inexpensive
  • No Change in Technique